Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)

Calling everything into question without opposing everything.

This awareness is the result of an attentive youth. An attentive youth lived between the artistic mainstream the state, the German Democratic Republic, defined as ideal and the artistic opposition of the "Berliner Schule" (Berlin school) founded in the Sixties. Some of the major representatives of this artistic movement were CX Huth teachers in the Eighties.

Pop culture opens up to CX (Pop goes my world) his very own way of expression. Through music – he is the guitarist and keyboarder of an "Industrial" band – through painting, through his texts. Pop Art means to him: No fear of pop-ular measures and media. That’s why he prefers serigraphs, comics, reproductions of any kind which he continues to work on and over time and again. CX would even get his pictures printed on T-Shirts, soccer balls, cups or toys – no problem.

He, the collector of weird colourful stuff and pop music, writes, draws and paints strange stories on linen, paper, printing plates, bath tubes,... wants to surprise time and again. Auxiliary items like tape, different shades of white papers, signs of wear and small accidents are welcome means of expression. Compositions of texts and pictures similiar to graffitis are born and become a storybook for the adult reader. Among his most enthusiastic customers: Artists, graphic designers and advertisers, who replay his queer stories at home.  These stories often end as they begin, let everything open, don’t want to anticipate the individual course of things granting it the freedom to evolve. His messages often rotate around the controversy between the laws of culture which are made by men and hence changeable and the laws of nature which man can, on the contrary, use but never change.