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Angelika Kaufmann, Sabine Mueller-Funk, Drago Prelog, Antoni Tàpies, Emil Toman, Eduardo Vega de Seoane

Opening: Tuesday, 4/6/2019, 7.30 pm 
Opening words: Maria Christine Holter, art historian

Exhibition: 5/6 – 26/7/2019

Angelika Kaufmann, Sabine Mueller-Funk, Drago Prelog and Eduardo Vega de Seoane will be present.
S.E. Juan Sunyé, ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, will attend the opening accompanied by his wife Begoña de Terry.

In “SchriftBilder” zs art thematises the identifying character that is specific to an individual’s writing, drawing or painting. The presented works are thus distinguished by their written signs, imaginary glyphs and symbolisms –a language gesticulating on the picture plane. The works range from meditatively fluent to stormily eccentric, but each one is in itself strikingly poetic.

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