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Walter Angerer-Niketa, Wilhelm Drach, Denise Rudolf Frank, Marie-France Goerens, Mathias Hornung, Josef Pillhofer, Helmut Swoboda, Emil Toman, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer, Irene Wölfl, Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer

opening: Tuesday, March 26th,  2019, 7.30 pm Uhr
 (Ende 21.30 Uhr) 
opening words: Peter Bogner, Friedrich-Kiesler-Stiftung

exhibition: 27/3 – 22/5/2019

Here the concept of "landscape” is distilled down to its meaning in the context of philosophy and cultural studies – in its original sense of "free land” and the Indo-Germanic root of the verb "schaffen” (to create). Thus, in principle, it is about the subjective perception and interpretation of a region as an aesthetic whole. Particularly in the unceasing aspiration for freedom, the variety of individual experiences of the landscape creates a rich basis for abstraction and reduction.