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Alex Klein, Thomas Koch, Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer
Positions in Painting

exhibition: September, 9th – October, 25th  2017 
opening words: Mag. Martin Titz, art historian 

Positions striving for uniqueness refresh us through their variety. Nonetheless these three different interpretations share a starting point: the representational motif. While it is only the initial impulse, the inspiration, the first step in the artistic process, it still plots the course pursued by developments that then immediately take on a life of their own.

Alex Klein finds joy in works of architectonic shadow theatre and works on them in the course of an almost sculptural procedure, adding layer after layer and then partially sanding these off again. What remains in the end is the delicate suggestion of a space.

Within the unremarkable objects of our everyday surroundings, Thomas Koch locates a universe of possibilities, which he carefully arranges and uses his characteristic brushstroke to refine into a distinctive two-dimensional world. It is precisely in the small and seemingly insignificant that he personally recognises life’s infinite diversity.

For Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer it is the forest, the force of nature. The sketchily painted texture and the idealised tonality convey a feeling of experienced nature; they capture the impression of an elevating moment, savour it in the emulative painterly process and make it unforgettable in itself.