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09/10 ORTsZEIT

Maria Maier. Photography and Painting
Septembre 17 – October 22, 2010

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ZS art Kunstraum shows two cycles of Maria Maier's work: "Zeitraum New York" and "Zeitraum Kuba", which equally broach the issues of transience and permanence. With New York and Cuba, the artist selects two places which could not differ more in terms of their political and social settings as starting points for her works. This leads to the two places' different color and formal expressions becoming more manifest – this is taken up by Maria Maier and resumed. She pays particular attention to transient, situational elements and things she glimpsed by chance. Maria Maier decelerates her impressions into a state outside time. Maier's photos show transience and are made eternal by overpainting.

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