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06/2009 Poesie der Logik

The concrete conceptual artist Harald Plochberger, the Secessionist sculptor Walter Angerer Niketa and the German jazz musician Benedikt Jahnel make abstract thinking visible, tangible, audible.

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The visual, lyrical, haptic and acoustic interpretation and orchestration of strict geometry and mathematical principles follow the expressions of the forest, this survival shelter, presented in our ArtSpace opening exhibition. Whereas this first project was aimed at capturing the fascinating variety of nature by taking the forest for an example, the current exhibition features a conceptual artist, a sculptor and a musician translating the inexhaustible wealth of rationally encoded abstractions generated by mental knowledge in a pleasantly clear composition of form, colours and sound.

Mathematics express constructive abstract reflection in a conceptualized form. To transfer mathematical considerations into creative interpretation – manifesting as Conceptual Art – seems logic. Writing down thoughts is in itself a constant conceptual process. To compose, to construct music as well. Man defined specific tones, melodies could be archived and reproduced through notes. And quite some artist’s expressive work gets inspired by mathematical principles, formulas. On the other hand geometry already is the spatial component of mathematics, which leads – when radically reduced – to Concrete Art.

Project KunstRaum is all about the connecting features of the Arts, about transitions and transformations, not about their unity. Through mathematics and geometry, three completely different artists interpret their quite controversial approaches to the universe of the human mind. Exciting about “Poesie der Logik” are reduction, visualization and hence the comprehensible traceability of complex mental abstractions. The spectators are stimulated to link various approaches independent of each other, to face opposing ways of interpretation in a playful manner.

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