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06/10 UPcycling

by Irene Wölfl (pictures), Elisabeth Homar-Zogmayer (miniature sculptures and collages), Peter Rosmanith (music) und Hans Ringhofer (photography)
June 11 - September 3, 2010

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ZS art presents trash – upcycled trash turned into art. The used, no longer needed, superfluous rubbish of our daily routine is inspiring raw material to the visual artists Irene Wölfl and Elisabeth Homar-Zogmayer, the musician Peter Rosmanith and indirectly to the photographer Hans Ringhofer too. They transform their finds into pictures, tiny sculptures, (photographically recorded) music. Thus a once useful instrument of everyday life stays a valuable object with a future. The upcycling-works of the four involved artists are constructive social criticism of our throw-away society, of careless wastage and at the same time a plea for a respectful coexistance.

Hence the ZS art KunstRaum gets for a three-month period transformed into an artistic landfill site showing inspiringly upcycled waste. The connection of different artistic approaches (visual arts, music, photography) to a common topic follows the ZS art’s programmatic "connecting concept".

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