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Jahr des Waldes

21.1.2011 - 8.3.2011

It is with great pleasure that we take the opportunity of the declaration of the International Year of Forests and celebrate it with an exhibition of international visual artists.

The presented works are sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations, video works by

Beni Altmüller, Heinz Baumüller, Wolfgang Georgsdorf, Anselm Glück, Elisabeth Homar-Zogmayer, Andreas Kattner, Maria Maier, Brigitte Pamperl, Gunda Timmel-Reitter, Stefan Sakic, Robert Staudinger, Marika Vicari, Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer and Leo Zogmayer.

Opening reception: January 20, 2011, 7.30 pm
Exhibition: January 21 – March 8, 2011

A catalogue on the exhibition is available.

Impressions of the opening reception>

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With the support of the federal government, provincial government and the European Union.