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Irene Wölfl and Christian Zürn
Öl/Bilder – Kunst aus gebrauchtem Kunststoff

Exhibition: April 20th – May 31st 2012

The exhibition “Öl/Bilder – Kunst aus gebrauchtem Kunststoff“ (Oil/Pictures – art made out of used plastics) shows Irene Wölfl’s and Christian Zürn’s oil paintings in the most distant as well as highly topical sense to express theirselves. They use colored, used, rotproof petroleum products which at first facilitate our lives but increasingly effect on our future. Both artists use the colors, the motives and the signs of usage of our fast moving throwaway society to question the aspiration for never-ending economic growth with their  PVC-pictures in an humorous, subtle and timeless way.

Although they start from equal initial positions they act quite different in implementation and processing. Irene Wölfl folds, arranges and woves printed plastic trash to new stories, to furious compositions reflecting amusing and simultaneous socio-critical reflexions thoughts. She is utilizing renowned commercial messages and paraphrase them into new entertaining contents. Irene Wölfl, who is increasingly breaking out off the strict braiding and nets plastic waste criss-cross, broad and narrow, three dimensional or level like brush strokes.

Christian Zürn uses plastic waste (preferably film leftovers and plastic sheets in its entirety) to wrap up self built stretcher frame constructions picturesquely – which now and again leave the rectangular shape. Flaws and cracks are masked demonstratively with brown, black or yellow-black synthetic adhesive tape. Occasionally wooden strips oft he subconstruction stand out of the plastic relief – consciously marked with tape and staged by the artist. Both Christian Zürn and Irene Wölfl emphasise to process the traces of usage of the material which they apply as ductus above mannerism. Christian Zürn generously reduces his mantlings like stage-settings. Between whiles he is constrained to piece together small plastic cuttings into a virtuosic interlaced patchwork picture.

The exhibition “Öl/Bilder“ is referring in an affectionate but also suprising and radical way
to the problematic of the material which governs over our present society – without

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