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Robert Staudinger

"Unstable Bodies"

Exhibition: September 20 – November 7, 2013

The astonishing freshness of the photographs by the Austrian artist Robert Staudinger is based on his inquisitive striving towards ever new possibilities within photography. Robert Staudinger’s works are never simply a portrayal of a situation or an object: rather, they are concepts that interpret and symbolize life in detail. Meticulously staged excerpts explore the wealth of structures, shapes, symbioses of a gigantic universe. The superabundance of the microcosm confronts us and overtaxes us with inconceivable richness as soon as we turn our concentrated attention to it, zoom in on it. Robert Staudinger’s carefully arranged, meticulously revised, purged photographic works are the over-extravagant concentration of diversity.

In the cycle "Unstable Bodies", for example, Robert Staudinger captures the moment of a ten-thousandth of a second in which ten thousand particles converge. In this brief moment, countless tiny elements form imposing structures, to create a whole which, in the next  tenthousandth of a second, will have vanished for ever. A freeze-frame of transience. Through our becoming aware of the mass that forms the basis of every magnificent scenario, the world reveals itself to us in all its detail; Being presents itself to us in its entirety as endlessly multi-faceted.

Robert Staudinger’s faces of the serial "Maybe" are studies in movement. The quantity of all the moments of a gesture reduced to a single image condenses the entire dramatization of the moving, changing, facial expression, intensifying to a climax. Once again, Robert Staudinger directs our gaze to details which are overlaid one over another, become blurred, and in places break through in piercing sharpness. It is a symphony of facial topologies which flow into one another, eloquently articulate, which melt to become an amorphous, absurdly surreal, harmonious portrayal.

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