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Walter Angerer-Niketa
Alex Klein
Raum außerhalb der Zeit (space beyond time)

Exhibition: November 22, 2013 - January 28, 2014

The intention of Walter Angerer-Niketa is reduction. He transfer the minimalism of his works to all media in a material adequate way. Whether with his meditative-constructive paintings, the subtly cut geometry of his  sculptures made out of stone and wood or recently with his metal objects. Angerer-Niketa succeeds in provoking an ambitious variety of dynamic structure levels respectively intersections with one or two metal-foldings. Overcoming mass and statics he suspends time, designs symbols of eternity.

Alex Klein creates the semblance of spaces with his color-field-painting. It primarily originates through the interaction of accurately arranged areas and shadings, layered into each other and above the other. The restrained chromaticity provides timeless dignity to his pictures. The emptiness of the two-dimensional space-illusions motivates the imagination.   

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