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Abstract paintings

Helmut Swoboda, Julian Taupe, Gunda Timmel-Reitter

exhibition: 4.3. - 9.4.2015

Emanating from the objective evolve abstract paintings with which Helmut Swoboda succeeds in exponentiating the sentiment and the sensation which he observes in the natural environment.
One could regard the imagery of Julian Taupe as an abstract parallel universe of individual and collective perceptions and memories. A universe that is just as subject to development and changes as the "real" universe. It is a visual transformation of the "true" (inner and outer) world of Julian Taupe. But it is precisely the concomitant abstraction that allows each viewer to fill his all-embracing visual map with their own personal content without needing to first negate Taupe´s identity from the works.
Gunda Timmel-Reitter’s stories magically attract the observer in the same way as good literature does. Her pictures brim with inspiring, cloak-and-dagger fantasies. Even if her protagonists, her landscapes are elusive, on an emotional level they have immediate impact. Gunda Timmel-Reitter transcends in an abstract, reduced way not one concrete moment, but the dense aura of her stories which deal, beyond any virtual perfection, with the many layers and aspects of human imperfection.