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Das Verborgene im Augenscheinlichen
Robert Staudinger, Albert Winkler 

exhibition: October 21 – November 25, 2016
opening words: Claudia Aigner, art critic

to the exhibition: 
Photography understood as painting and not as a documentation of reality. The camera: a brush of our time. Pictorial poetry looking at people as a part of nature, a part of the whole – incorporating them without reproducing them. Photographed paintings possessing an air of mystery, because they point to what lies behind them.

In “heaven and hope” Robert Staudinger turns his gaze to the horizon at the lower edge of the image, blurred between the sea and the heavens. In this way he reveals our limited nature – and simultaneously that yearning for something above and beyond which grows out of it.

In his “Relics” Albert Winkler collects the remnants and leftovers of an affluent society in order to surreally combine them into endlessly dense images. The scope of overabundant consumption’s consequences becomes even more intense in those photographs that record only the remnants of the arrangement.

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