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The title of the abstract pictures renders it in an objective way.

Helmut Swoboda who was teached by Emil Toman at the Vienna Federal Training and Research Institute of Graphic Arts and in the master class of Prof. Wolfgang Hollegha at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna is inspired by the constant changing area of nature. Emanating from the objective evolve abstract paintings with which Helmut Swoboda succeeds in exponentiating the sentiment and the sensation which he observes in the natural environment.

He compresses his observations, character and charisma of the landscape to abstract it in the course of a complex painting process to the greatest possible extent. Thereby Helmut Swoboda pours and paints the colour on the canvas which is placed on the floor, takes the colour off, wipes or scrapes it away again. Layer for layer he struggles with the material, provokes the coincidence, creates and develops the abstracted motive. The picture evolves from out of the craft of painting.

The choice and the handling of the materials whose structure and characteristics contribute to the pictorial invention. For Helmut Swoboda the painting process begins with the selection and the treatment of the painting ground. Raw nature canvas, wooden panels on occasion, the good old whiting base, as well as egg-tempera colour composed out of the separate ingredients, count among his favoured materials.

The often monumental, abstract artworks by Helmut Swoboda appeal to the spectators both at an aesthetic and also at an emotional level. Because the atmosphere of the quiet pictures which is additionally increased by the modest chromaticity is transferred to the observers.