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Zerreissprobe neon-orange1 2017 50x50cmTapetenwechsel2 2017 100x70cmKaro-Bube 4 2016 107x111cm

Through movement, tearing and cutting, Marie-France Goerens draws lines with her body, chops up original messages in order to create new contexts and uses these to open up spaces. Line is the object with which she plays, with which she makes the invisible visible. In doing so Marie-France Goerens crosses thresholds from within to without and then back again.

In order to expand the well-trodden paths of a thinking that is too clear-cut, she seeks to render the unconsciously present conscious again – as an experience. There is an unconditional focus on the complete openness of the work and the free form of its realisation. This concept accordingly permits no concept. Turbulence emerges within abundance; the beginning of the new finds its source in chaos.