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"progressive strings", ­ Matthias Bartolomey Cello
Klemens Bittmann Violine, Viola & Mandola.
Live at the zs art Galerie, Mai 2014

The zs art gallery offers an incomparable setting for small concerts and CD presentations.

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Workshop mit Helmut Swoboda

In the course of his complex work process color is poured onto the canvas lying on the ground, deleted, removed again and wiped out. The picture emerges from the painting. How, Helmut Swoboda taught in a one-day workshop at the zs art gallery.

Lecture by Helmut Swoboda

about painting with egg tempera

Discussion: No peace without dispute!?

Conditions for a peaceful coexistence. An evening to Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer "Light" and Fred Luks '' World Rescue ABC ". 13.10.2011

Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer has with its "shining lights - Icons peaceful coexistence" set quaint thought-Mäler. It honors individuals who work with courage and commitment to justice, tolerance and freedom. Leading lights - these are examples of successful representatives of a hope-giving alternative world to the dominant society. Fred Luks cultivated in his books - most recently "Lost in transformation?" - Irony, conflict and humor. Heroism he questions and relies on "post-heroic" way to a better world. For Luks are also Lichtgestalten symbols that may maninterpretieren and question. The researcher emphasizes contingency and conflict. Both the artist and the author, follow with very different means the goal of contributing to a society in which peaceful coexistence is possible. Together with the Secretary General of the Austrian League for Human Rights, Dr. Marion Wisinger, and the FOLK MILK musician Clement Bittman they spell by their conditions.

Fred Luks, Book presentation "Irgendwas ist immer"

Concepts like life, justice and sustainability can not be held but rather have to steadily achieved new nowadays. As opposed to this predominates the policy of procrastination. Fred Luks analyses and interpretes this situation, culture and politics or emphasised compared with economy and technology. He writes about concepts like authenticity, concernment, corporate social responsibility, art, story telling, indignation, courage, revolution, collapse and last but not least indecision.

Giorgia Cavinireads "The Wonderful Visit" by H. G. Wells
Reading on the occassion of the finissage of “BildGeschichten“ to the artworks by Gunda Timmel-Reitter 26.5.2011

Demonstration of the „invisible dimension“ and the critique of the human dogmatics. Giorgia Cavini opens concrete, real points of reference to the science fiction texts written by H. G. Wells.  

Giorgia Cavini, born in Meran/Italy in 1962, studied history of art and theatre studies at the University of Vienna, and drama at the Schubertkonservatorium in Vienna/Austria. Engagement at the Burgtheater in Vienna where she had worked with Peter Zadek, George Tabori, Hans Hollmann amongst others. Guest roles at the Landestheater in Linz/Austria, the Stadttheater Villach/Austria, in the Theater der Altstadt Meran/Italy, in the Stadttheater Konstanz/Germany, amongst others. 

Edition Victoria
Book presentation "Der philosophische Prinz" (Le Prince Philosophe) by Olympe de Gouges

Reading: Katrin Resetarits Commentary: Viktoria Frysak, Corinne Walter Olympe de Gouges (1748 - 1793), a French playwright and political activist, whose feminist and abolitionist writings are not entirely comprehended and rarely translated to this day. She was executed by guillotine during the Reign of Terror of Robespierre. “Le Prince Philosophe“ is her most extensive novel, a passionate love affair with a wealth of amusing scenes which are background for the politcal and humanistical plot.