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Jean-Paul Dumas-Grillet, Renate Krätschmer, Brigitte Pamperl, Robert Staudinger

5.11. - 17.12.2010

Exhibition of photo-painting on the occasion of the European month of photography

zs art has committed itself to the constructive criticism of being, the sustainable responsibility vis-à-vis the most precious there is, namely life itself. Aiming to implement our world of values, we have invited four photo-artists on the occasion of the European month of photography. Four very different approaches, but every one in its own way fulfils our maxim and is devoted to life.

Whatever difference there may be between the concepts of the four photo—artists, they orchestrate their pictures in a picturesque-poetic, excessive and reduced manner, each one in its way everyday motifs we no longer notice properly at all. As a consequence we miss fireworks of sensuality.

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