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Jean-Paul Dumas-Grillet, Robert Staudinger, Christian Zürn

exhibition: 9. 11. 2012 - 10. 1. 2013
In course of Eyes On 2012 - Euorpean month of photography

The basis of existence for many species – even for human beings – is ruined by the strenuous aspiration after obligatory economic growth necessarily. The ZS art contributions to Eyes On 2012 – European month of photography – are concerned with this phenomenon in a critical aesthetic way. Three photographers analyze sustainable aspects of human behavior.  

Robert Staudinger portrays boundless addiction to growth and consumerism. The cheeks of the anonymous models are excessively stuffed. Through oversized magnifying glasses bulge greed, gluttony and abundance in hyper-realistic acuity towards the spectators. Staudingers landscapes of faces fascinate with ambivalent aesthetics.

Jean-Paul Dumas-Grillet photographs everyday-architecturs devoid of humans from the viewpoint of the future. Strange, immane, but in a mystic way also beautiful after all. The cellphone, a synonym of the wasteful handling in our hasty throw-away society, serves him to retain what will be left from our society: a cold, mysterious superficiality which is waiting for deliverance by nature.

The provocation of the coincidence is a popular means of expression in art. Christian Zürn rejoices in contingencies of scrapes and injuries at constructional tools, containers and roads which emerged over the years. Therein he discovers masterpieces painted by everyday aspirations. Zürn documents the fascinating wear marks in different stadia of material lifecycles with the camera.

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