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Alex Klein

opening: Jan 21, 2016, 7.30 pm
introductory words: Harald Krejci

exhibition: Jan 22, 2016 – Mar 4, 2016

In his colour-field paintings, Alex Klein creates the semblance of spaces: these emerge through the interaction of carefully realised surfaces and tones, which are layered into one another. The extremely subtle palette of his repeatedly superimposed washes – a part of which is then sanded off again – simultaneously suggests a meditative calm and a shimmeringly vivid spatiality. 

This spatiality ranges from either having received too little light, with contours and depth very schematically suggested, or to being veritably flooded in light, with remnants of pigment on cautiously sanded paper. These delicately superimposed planes of pigment, supplemented through irregular linear grids, thus evoke an indecipherable three-dimensionality.