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Ingeborg G. Pluhar

Ingeborg G. Pluhar’s abundant artistic life starts in the master class of Prof. Fritz Wotruba at the academy of fine arts vienna in the early 1960s. She soon emancipated herself from the figural mandate and henceforth engaged in a sophistical reflection on the little trivialities along the path of life. She finds her motifs in snapshots, images and texts, and she then shapes their meaningless aesthetic into new meaning. The results consist of collages, paintings, theatrical designs, drawings and poetry.

The work of Ingeborg G. Pluhar surprises us with its many-faceted reflections on everyday culture. Her immediate surroundings, trivial everyday life, always form the sources of inspiration for her series of works. "What is it about these seemingly inconsequential and – for us – meaningless motions, uttered sounds, letters and images that the conveyor belt of a single day pushes past us?" She asks this question in one of her letters to "Kunstl", a fictional figure whose name is an affectionate diminutive form for "art" and who represents an expansive, completely indeterminate concept of art.