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In my work, I seek a dialogue between painting and sculpture.

My reflections are focused on what are generally referred to as “wall pieces”. These objects possess the characteristics of painting: they are flat, their surfaces are divided into zones, and I sometimes use colour.
However, they also possess sculptural qualities: these works are characterised by volumetric dimensions and contours, which are often not at right angles, and by elongated slits and holes, which penetrate through the surface. I coat the surfaces of my objects with a mixture of acrylic medium,
marble dust and pigment. Sandpaper is used to smooth the surfaces. Tiny irregularities formed in the process of sanding produce a varied tonality on the surface. This produces just enough “noise” to keep the eye fixed on the surface. In this way, the texture and tonality of the marble dust produce a network of points of orientation distributed across the entire surface. This structure not only holds the eye within a given area, it heightens a work’s tangibility and thus its overall reality.