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A Composition Made of Geometry, Texture, Rhythm, Music and Colour

Ray Malone’s work is defined by order and tranquillity, by slowing down, taking pause, becoming absorbed in viewing: a refreshing counterpoint to our actual daily lives. The beauty of his works is from another world. Their charm grows out of a choreography of monochrome harmonies made up of subtly celebrated shades of grey and lines. A field of forces based on calm simplicity does not grab our attention through entertaining, noisy punchlines – only to immediately sink back into oblivion – instead, it brings sustained enjoyment with a timeless and profound aesthetic.

Dorothée Bauerle-Willert has written of Ray Malon: “Simplicity is an idea, a principle, a position. The simple is never the result of a banal reduction, but rather of concentration, compression, self-evidence.” She continues, with regard to his work: “Through lightness the complicated becomes simple and infers complexity, making this visible and perceptible. True simplicity doesn’t make things simple by excluding difficulty, but rather brings everything into play, making unanimity discernible. The simple is free, without ballast.”

With their uncompromising and unswerving precision and reduction, Ray Malone’s series reveal to us a lucid architecture of fictive, interlocking spatiality in two dimensions. His formal idiom is always a composition made of geometry, texture, rhythm, music and colour.