Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
oT Acryl auf Baumwolle 125x125cm 2017OT 80x80 buchrueckenSchichtung 25x25 2018

Thomas Koch's art consists in transferring what he sees — spatial situations, still lives — into his own formal idiom and chromatic universe.

Thus, while his paintings, drawings and objects appear to be (and essentially are) entirely nonrepresentational, the impulse that inspires them nonetheless always grows out of the reality around him.

Lines and shapes articulated in fascinating brushwork recount a mysterious and simultaneously familiar quality of life, and it is a pleasure to immerse and uninhibitedly lose ourselves in it. The buoyant underlying tone of Thomas Koch’s works invites us on a voyage of discovery that never seems ready to come to an end, and he uses his generally square compositional grids to divide it up into something like non-hierarchical chapters. Where there is no ending, there is also no need for a beginning.