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Marc Adrian

1930           born in Vienna
1950–1954  Study of sculpture at the Academy in Vienna under Fritz Wotruba
1955           A grant from the Austrian Education Ministry makes it possible to spend some time
                  in Oslo; Exhibition at the Art Association.
1957–1958  Time in Paris und Amsterdam
1957–1960  Guest student at the Institute des Hautes Études Cinématopgraphiques (IDHEC),
                  the film school in Paris.
1961           Founding member of the neo-avant-garde artists’ "Neue Tendenzen" in Zagreb.
1965           Study of psychology at the University of Vienna with a focus on the psychology of
                  perception. Work with optical semantics.
1969–1973  Professor of Painting and Aesthetic Theory at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.
1980–1981  Artist in Residence at MIT, Centre for Advanced Visual Studies, Institute of
                  Technology Massachusetts, USA
1982           Teaching position at the University of Applied Art in Vienna: The morphology of
                  fine art and the theory of form.
1987–1988  Visiting Professor of the Theory of Visual Communication at the University of
                  Kassel Representative of Austrian art at the Olympiad des Arts in Seoul.
1995–1996  Visiting Professor for the Development of Visual Media at the Institute for
                  Artistic Education and Artistic Studies of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2008           died in Vienna

Numerous national and international exhibitions