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leprohon robert

Robert Leprohon

1926 born in Montréal / Kanada

In March 1944, the young man’s love of art was awakened when he attended an exhibition titled "Five centuries of Dutch art" at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Soon after, as he started to practice drawing and acrylic painting, he realized that he vowed to dedicate his life to the visual arts. His participation in the 1947 "Salon du printemps" of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was an early recognition of the artistic value of his work.

Stemming from a generation of artists searching for integrity and freedom from the rigid norms regulating Quebec’s post war society, highly aware of the debates of his time surrounding artistic renewal, Robert Leprohon has had a long career spanning over six decades, during which he went from publicity illustrator in the 60’s, to Public Relations Director at Les Presses de l'Université Laval and years of studio work from the ‘70s onwards.

Lives and works in Quebec City.