Walter Angerer-Niketa, John Carter, Wilhelm Drach, Marie-France Goerens, Roland Goeschl, Ingeborg G. Pluhar, Mathias Hornung, Viktor Hulik, Alex Klein, Thomas Koch, Karl Kriebel, Ray Malone, Drago Prelog, Robert Staudinger, Tonneke Sengers, Eduardo Vega de Seoane, Helmut Swoboda, Emil Toman, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer, Irene Wölfl, Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer

international group-exhibition: 23/4/2020 – 7/8/2020

The Corona pandemic and the social restrictions resulting from it have completely jumbled up our exhibition schedule. Now that the strict quarantine phase has been relaxed somewhat and it is once again possible to visit our gallery space, we have curated a transitional exhibition which brings together a cross section of our gallery’s international programme. This “gallerist’s choice” show features our personal highlights, which range from the abstract-expressionist to the concrete-constructive and from small to large formats, but which are all of the finest quality.