Marie-France Goerens
Roland Goeschl
Alex Klein
Thomas Koch
Tonneke Sengers 

Exhibition: 30/10/2019 – 10/1/2020  
to the exhibition: Clara Kaufmann, art historian

The aesthetic of serial art derives from the repetition and structuring of an identical or varied motif. Visual rules link the individual elements together into a work or group of works.
Tonneke Sengers composes highly tactile, constructive reliefs out of identical geometric forms. Each work provides a complete serial work in itself and is simultaneously part of an overriding concept.
Thomas Koch arranges his abstract variations into square grids encompassing multiple elements – generating multifaceted voyages of discovery from a bird’s-eye view.
In Alex Klein’s work, the series grows out of the development of a cycle of works. These free interpretations of seriality document the changes that occur in the process of creation: an exploration of possibilities, a rupturing of boundaries within a theme.
Roland Goeschl (1932–2016) celebrates serial repetitions in two and three dimensions: columnar formations made up of diagonally rotated, identical blocks or drawings featuring illusions of movement in space based on the continuous variation of the form defining the image.
Marie-France Goerens uses her serial concept-based work to heighten perception and to render valuations more nuanced or precise: a process between order and obsession.

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