Order : Disorder


Marie-France Goerens
Viktor Hulik
Jesse Willems

Exhibition: 30/6 – 30/9/2021
to the exhibition: Silvie Aigner, chief editor PARNASS

If we start from the assumption that creativity is "deviation from the norm," then this thesis already includes another one - namely: only the interruption of order gives the work tension, esprit. Order, merely for the sake of order, is bland. Only when the unpredictable interrupts the rhythm of order does order become interesting.
The complementary path of creating chaos in order to engage in the creative realm from the beginning inevitably leads to principles of order. Thus, even the most orderless work, though not obvious, nevertheless contains an order, a structure, a concept. The field of tension between order and disorder is based on the attraction of harmonies. Harmony is the driving force in evolution - which strives for symmetry but never completes it, always deviating by nuances. As also in the universe arisen from the total disorder.
Marie-France Goerens creates her conceptual art from set parameters in order to achieve the most non-conformist results possible.
Viktor Hulik adopts the almost opposite standpoint with his cycles of works. He constructs his wall objects from identical geometric shapes (such as circle, square or triangle), the parts of which are largely twistable. Thus, he breaks the rhythmic pattern and creates paradoxical individual disorders.
By composing fragments of geometric surfaces in relation to each other, Jesse Willems' works convey order and disorder simultaneously.
What unites all three positions is the harmony that emerged in the conscious breaking open of order.

to the exhibition: Silvie Aigner 
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