From Line to Space


Judith P. Fischer
Roland Goeschl
Alex Klein
Thomas Koch
Karl Kriebel
Veronika Rodenberg
Tonneke Sengers
Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer

Exhibition: 11/3 – 12/5/2021
to the exhibition: Cornelia Hellstern - communication of architecture, curator, lecturer

As soon as a line leaves the straight line, it mutates to space. Space, as it is communicated in this exhibition, thus results from the network of one or many lines.

The sculptor Judith P. Fischer forms a multiplicity of spaces from precisely circled curves; reduced like a signet, in labyrinthine interweavings - or as lushly amorphous wall installations.

For the sculptor Roland Goeschl, the drawn line is the most immediate way to express an idea. Both in the drawing and as wire mesh, the line is the construction medium for representing space.

In Alex Klein's paintings, delicate fields of color that blur into one another are given their borders by fine pencil strokes. Borders that embody edges. Edges that illusionize space.

The works of Thomas Koch are captivating because of their ductus that is characteristic to him. They are always ground plans of spatial constellations, of ordered disorder, which he puts in layers on top of each other.

Karl Kriebel draws transparent, abstract architectures in his works. He plays with lines in different strengths and gray tones in order to explore spatial possibilities and their effects.

In Veronika Rodenberg's work, the edges are the lines of her minimalist spatial interventions. The purist monochrome topology of her three-dimensional line constructions are refuges of inner reflection, even balance of mind.

Tonneke Sengers fascinates with exact and yet inexplicable architectural illusions. Black and white slanted cracks hover a centimeter in front of the wall, creating a further dimension of spatiality with their shadows.

The cultural world of forms cannot keep up with the inexhaustible architectural diversity of trees, of forest; and this is precisely what inspires Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer. He now extends his tree drawings into the third dimension. Trees drawn with wire complement his color-intensive forest interpretations.

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