Choreografie der Stille


Walter Angerer-Niketa
Ray Malone

Exhibition: 9/9 – 20/10/2020
to the exhibition: Edelbert Köb, curator

In a time when we are becoming aware that our growth-based model has exceeded its limits, the reductive, the quiet , is an art devoted to the possibility of intimacy. Away from the noise and commotion – or even in the midst of it all – it is a place for reflecting on ourselves, for edification.
This applies to Ray Malone’s paintings and drawings as well as Walter Angerer-Niketa’s sculptures, constructive drawings and paintings. Both of them reject the noise level of alternative facts in the style of their l ives and work. Both of them find their authenticity, their truthfulness, in the minimal , reductive and, indeed, meditative.
For Walter Angerer -Niketa working on a piece of stone or also wood is an attempt to achieve a movement, a repositioning, a resonance through the smallest change, the slightest reduction of volume.
In his work Ray Malone immerses himself in the rules of proportion and the definition of space wi thin the two-dimensional. His engagement with rhythm and composition or choreography in his geometry always culminates in an ethereal musicality.

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