Marie-France Goerens


 born in Luxembourg / L
2009 – 2014
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Sculpture and Multimedia, Prof. Erwin Wurm / A 
Skulpturinstitut Hans Schabus / A 
Lives and works in Vienna and Luxemburg.

Kulturhauptstadt Linz: Legal/Illegal / A 
Photomeeting Luxembourg 
Skulpturenachse Maissau, art in public space / A 
Casino, Forum d’Art Contemporain Luxembourg 
Art competition Nouvelle Maternité Luxembourg

Luxembourg Embassy in Vienna / A 
Collection Marc Modert / LUX
Collection museum Liaunig / A
Various private collections in Austria
Various private collections in Luxembourg
Solo and group exhibitions / artfairs  (Selection) 
Schaudepot Museum Liaunig, group-exhibition, Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus/Sula / A
Luxembourg ArtWeek/The Fair 2023, zs art galerie, Luxembourg / LUX
Feminale 23; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
PAPER WORKS & PAPER CONCEPTS, NÖ-Art; group exhibition, Haus der Kunst, Baden / A
also shown in: Laa an der Thaya / Raabs an der Thaya / Horn / A
FAST CUT (with Manuel Gorkiewicz); BLICKLE RAUM SPIEGELGASSE, Vienna
Luxembourg Art Week | The Fair; group exhibition (zs art galerie,) Luxembourg / LUX  
Collage II; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Luxembourg Art Week | The Fair; group exhibition (zs art galerie,) Luxembourg / LUX  
Correspondences; group-exhibition, Stadtmuseum Hattingen, Hattingen / D (C)
Order : Disorder; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Luxembourg Art Week | The Fair – Virtual Tour, group exhibition (zs art galerie), Luxembourg / LUX 
PARALLEL VIENNA, solo presentation, (zs art galerie), Vienna
zselection; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Small Works; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Luxembourg Art Week | The Fair; group exhibition ( zs art galerie), Luxembourg / LUX 
Seriellll; group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Marie-France Goerens: Wild Walks to Poetic Forms: solo presentation, neimenster, 
Centre Culturel de Rencontre, Abbaye de Neumünster / L
Prinzip Landschaft; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
art KARLSRUHE; group exhibition (zs art galerie) / D
Changement de poste; solo presentation, Kulturhaus Niederanven / L 
Collage; group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna / A
Zwischen den Möglichkeiten; solo presentation(with Eduardo Vega de Seoane), zs art galerie, Vienna
papaer positions munich (zs art galerie), munich / D
INTRO Sculpture; solo presentation, Galerie Konschthaus beim Engel / L
Districta23, Creau, Wien 
Lost Art, A one-night show; group exhibition, Casino Forum D’Art Contemporain / L
Art Walk 18; solo presentation, Atelier, Vienna 
Art Competition Nouvelle Maternité Luxembourg / L
  Skulpturenachse Maissau / A 
The simple thing; solo presentation, Ursula Blickle Salon, Spiegelgasse, Vienna
Diploma; group exhibition, Wotruba Atelier / A 
Ephemeral, Büro Weltausstellung; group exhibition, Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Wien 
________, Skulpturinstitut Hans Schabus, Wien 
Dear Friends, trust me, i am over forty; by Surasi Kuselwong; group exhibition, Wotruba Atelier 
Frischluft Kunst am Steinberg; group exhibition, Salinen Austria, Altaussee / A  
Von Aussen nach Innen nach Aussen, by Ursula Maria Probst; group exhibition, Fluc, Vienna  
SituAktion, by Manfred Wipplinger; group exhibition, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna 
Spaces and Faces; group exhibition, Ausstellungsstraße, Vienna 
Vergnügen auf Zeit; group exhibition, Soho in Ottakring, Vienna 
0,96 Kubikmeter; group exhibition, Kunstraum Praterstraße, Vienna 
Durchgang; group exhibition, Autohaus Pfiel, Vienna 
Die Runde by Ingeborg Strobl; group exhibition, Wotruba Atelier Vienna 
Catwalk by Erwin Wurm & Elfie Semontan; group exhibition, Vienna 
Der alte Mann und das Meer by Erwin Wurm; group exhibition, Stadtmuseum St. Pölten / A 
Best Kept Secret; group exhibition, Finanzzentrum Vienna 
Appropriation by Amer Abbas; group exhibition, Kunstraum Praterstraße, Vienna 
Site/Nosite by Amer Abbas; group exhibition, Kunstraum Praterstraße, Vienna 
Taboo, Photomeeting Luxembourg; group exhibition, Galerie Clairefontaine/Deloitte 

Through movement, tearing and cutting,

Marie-France Goerens draws lines with her body, chops up original messages in order to create new contexts and uses these to open up spaces. Line is the object with which she plays, with which she makes the invisible visible. In doing so Marie-France Goerens crosses thresholds from within to without and then back again.
In order to expand the well-trodden paths of a thinking that is too clear-cut, she seeks to render the unconsciously present conscious again – as an experience. There is an unconditional focus on the complete openness of the work and the free form of its realisation. This concept accordingly permits no concept. Turbulence emerges within abundance; the beginning of the new finds its source in chaos.