Esther Hagenmaier
Alex Klein

Exhibition: 15/10/2021 – 22/12/2021
to the exhibition: Clara Kaufmann, art historian

Architecture, rooms, façades are the motifs of both Esther Hagenmaier and Alex Klein. One source of inspiration, two completely different approaches, techniques as well as realisations with equally exciting results.
Esther Hagenmaier continues the tradition of concrete art today. Very fresh, very elegant, very contemporary and yet very timeless. She paints with the camera, capturing architectural sections, detaching them from their original reality and staging them in a painterly reduced manner. Constructive colour field painting with the means of photography.
Alex Klein paints layer after layer onto his painting surfaces, only to partially sand them down again and again, to paint over them. The result are sensually subtle colour field paintings. The delicate tones of broken colours only hint at concrete spaces. And yet they invite us to immerse ourselves in them, to lose ourselves in them or to consciously read them abstractly.

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