Irene Wölfl

born in Krems, grew up in Lower Austria 
graduated from „Landesfachschule für Textilindustrie“ (college of textile industry) in Groß Siegharts
Assistant in art and grafic studios in Vienna and in Wienerwald
Graduated from Vienna Federal Training and Research Institute of Graphic Arts
since 1989
works as a graphic designer 
since 2002
starting with her label “196567” – collection of bags, jackets skirts and accessories 
Since 2007
Irene Wölfl has been using different waste which she has been found or things they have been thrown away to weave (paint) abstract pictures 
Since 2016
Irene Wölfl also shows performances
Irene Wölfl lives and works in Vienna. 

Works held by private collections, such as
Arbeiterkammer Oberösterreich / AK Kultur / A
Collection Max Kowatsch
Solo and group exhibitions  (Selection)
Schichtbetrieb; group-exhibition, Kunstraum Braugasse, Hoyerswerda / D
Dialogues I – 15 years zs art; group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna / A
SCH(L)ICHTUNGEN / RÉTEGEK/SIMÍTÁSOK; group-exhibition, ecoart, Vienna
MATERIELL - MATERIAL IM FOKUS, group-exhibition, KIAM Galerie, Amstetten / Upper Austria
PARALLEL Vienna; gallery-statement zs art galerie (solo), Vienna
Feminale 23; group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
PAPER WORKS & PAPER CONCEPTS, NÖ-Art; group-exhibition, Haus der Kunst, Baden / A
also shown in: Laa an der Thaya / Raabs an der Thaya / Horn / A
Wenn die Welt brennt - Kunst und Klima; group-exhibition, Schlossgalerie, Stadtmuseum Steyr / A
Collage II; group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
The Narrative; group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
GLEICH IST NICHT GLEICH; group-exhibition, Kunstenaarsvereniging Hoorn / NL
Verloren. Weggeworfen. Aufgegriffen.; AK-Bildungshaus, Linz / A
Waste Art; group-exhibition, DOMAGKATERLIERS, Munich / D
Waste Art; group-exhibition, Kepler Hall JKU Linz / A
Waste Art; group-exhibition, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (C)
zselection; group-exhibition. zs art galerie, Vienna
Small Works, group-exhibition. zs art galerie, Vienna
paper positions berlin, Berlin, zs art galerie / D
The Landscape Prinicple, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
den blick öffnen, WIKAM artfair, Vienna 
den blick öffnen, group-exhibition, Kro Art contemporary, Vienna 
paper positions berlin, zs art galerie, Berlin /D
Collage, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna 
Starke Frauen, group-exhibition, Papiermachermuseum, Upper Austria
Drap-Art Barcelona, artfair / E
Art.Fair Köln, zs art galerie, Cologne / D
Keinformat/Fundstücke, Solo-Exhibition, ATELIERGalerie 3A, Vienna
Wir Hungerkünstler. Wir Hungerkünstlerinnen. group-exhibition, Theater Brett, Vienna 
Drap-Art Pittsburgh, NEW Festival, Pittsburgh / USA
KUNSTZELLE, ein Projekt im WUK, Performance within group-exhbition, WUK, Vienna
30 x 30 x 30, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna 
Expositió drap art recicl’art, group-exhibition, Barcelona / E
Drap Art, International Festival of Recycle Art of Catalonia, CCCB, Barcelona, (K) / E
EUROART im MQ, group-exhibition, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna 
ViennaPerspectives, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna 
5 years zs art galerie, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
CONTENT ART artfair, Vienna 
Kunst zum Wald, group-exhibition, Kleinzell, NÖ / A 
Art Austria 2013, Vienna / A 
Powaga, group-exhibition, Kulturforum Warschau / PL
Quer durch den Gemüsegarten, group-exhibition, Kro art Contemporary, Vienna
Öl/Bilder – Kunst aus gebrauchtem Kunststoff, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Viennafair 2011, Vienna
gallerist´s choice, group-exhibition, Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna
Upcycling, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
zs artenvielfalt, group-exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
2nd Life, Solo-Exhibition, WUK, Vienna 

The motivation to create a new product out of used plastic bags is born of the artist's apparently inherent instinct to prevent waste production.

Irene Wölfl has always found it exciting to use old, apparently useless waste products as raw materials; to give discarded objects new form and function. Apart from the fascination of giving new life to old things, there is, buried within this love of recycled material and products, certainly an element of social criticism. Irene Wölfl aims to demonstrate that, contrary to the trends and opinions prevailing in the throw-away-society of the western world, everyday objects can have more than “one” life. Whatever form these works of art take, they deserve all due artistic respect. They show the excellent variety of colour combinations and form offered to us by the omnipresent and opulent raw material waste.