Deviating from the norm


Beti Bricelj
Thomas Koch

Exhibition: November 18th, 2022 - January 20th, 2023
Opening-words: Cornelia Hellstern
– communication of architecture, curator, lecturer

A grid is a tool, an order, a norm. Beti Bricelj and Thomas Koch employ this regulatory framework to explore and overcome its limits. Only the deviation from the norm creates esprit, captures attention.

Beti Bricelj's FlatCubes are based on a grid that offers her an infinite number of possibilities. Within this framework, she explores the options of new serial paths, whereby deviating coincidences, in particular, open up the most exciting perspectives for her. She plays with illusions, inventing alternative truths to illustrate reality.

For Thomas Koch, too, the grid is the always square platform of his pictures. He varies a motif into a square. The completely abstracted still lifes break through their space, transition into the neighbouring field and network into a single image. Whether painting, collage, drawing or object, the principle remains the same, but the result is entirely different, infinitely varied.

Exhibition opening Cornelia Hellstern 17/11/2022
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