Edgar Knoop

Exhibition: 12/9 - 24/10/2018
to the exhibition: Harald Krejci, Chief Curator Belvedere 

The zs art gallery is devoting its autumn exhibition to the colour theorist and artist Edgar Knoop, who taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (AdBK) from 1972 to 2000.Pursuing an abstract, geometrically technical principle of composition, he has concentrated on colour contrasts and the phenomenon of light in his work and teaching.
Since the 60s Edgar Knoop has been linking experimental and applied colour theory in his work, uniting art, science and lighting technology in collages, installations and objects alluding to op art and kinetic art. He sees himself as a constructivist articulating a new reality, in contrast to mimetic imitation.
Edgar Knoop’s constructed visual world is based primarily on mathematical reflections: always corresponding to his open-minded and experimental convictions, these interweave his own intellectual achievement with scientific insights, thus directing attention to the psychological components of our perception of colour.

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