Tonneke Sengers


born in Breda / NL 
Tonneke Sengers studied Monumental Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where art and
architecture in the urban landscape was the theme of the course. 
Lives and works in Haarlem / NL

Her works are held  internationally by different private collections.
Solo and group exhibitions, artfairs  (Selection)
Feminale 23; zs art galerie, Vienna (group)
Composities; Castellum Aquae, Bloemendaal / NL
Grafisch;  Gallery Espace Enny, Laag Keppel / NL (group)
KunstRai, Artfair Amsterdam, Gallery Blend, Amsterdam / NL
Moving perspective; EST Art Foundation / NL (group)
Art the Hague; Galerie Blend Projects, Den Haag / NL (group)
Walk in and Wonder, Konkrete Kunst in der Walkmühle; Wiesbaden / D (group)
Grafisch; Galerie Espace Enny, Laag-Keppel / NL (group)
Midsummer Inspiration 2022; LOODS6, Amsterdam / NL (group) 
Reduction through Compression; zs art galerie, Vienna (group)
ABSTRACT, Kunstzentrum Haarlem / NL (group)
Correspondences; Stadtmuseum Hattingen, Hattingen / D (group) (C)
Through The Bathroom Window, Vishal, Haarlem / NL (group)
Blend Projects / Art concret des Pays-Bas #126, Galerie ABSTRACT PROJECT, Paris / F (group)
From Line to Space, zs art galerie, Vienna (group)
Artvark, meet and greet, Castellum Aqua, Bloemendaal / NL 
zselection, zs art galerie, Vienna (group)
Seriellll, zs art galerie, Vienna (group)
BIG ART no 4 2019, Lokatie Hembrug, Zaanstad /NL (group)
Kunstmanifestatie concrete kunst, Dat Bolwerck Galerie / NL  (group)
COMPOSITIE – ZONDER TITEL, Galerie Franzis Engels / NL  (group)
paper positions. berlin, zs art galerie, Vienna (group)
Artfair, KunstRai Amsterdam, Galerie Franzis Engels Amsterdam / NL 
KLAAR#2, vishal, Haarlem / NL (Gruppe/group)
The Nethterlands / Germany, t66-kulturwerk und E9a projectspace / D (group)
VISHAL VIP, Philharmonie , Haarlem / NL (solo)
It’s a small world after all, Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim / D (group)
HET STILLE WIT, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam / NL (group)
Zutphen Konkreet, Zutphen / NL (group)
Parallel, BLEND-projects, E9a, Freiburg / D (group)
Alles Struktur, ARTpark, Dusseldorf / (group)
Artpark, Sembeck-Gahlen / D (group)
Alles Struktur, ARTpark, Düsseldorf / D (Gruppe/group)
The Great Wall, PHK18, Rotterdam / NL (group)
The Work as a Space within a Space, zs art galerie, Vienna / A (group)
What's New, Galerie Franzis Engels Amsterdam / NL (solo)
Artfair, KunstRai Amsterdam, Galerie Franzis Engels Amsterdam / NL
AWP Retrospect, ACEC, Apeldoorn / NL (group)
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Franzis Engels Amsterdam / D
Abstraction and space in dialog, Galery Zavodny, Mikolov / CZ (group)
BYO 10 years IS-projects, Leiden / NL (group)
Collage, zs art galerie, Vienna / A (group)
MIXED#7, BLEND-projects, Haarlem / NL (group)
Het Witte Gordijn, De Vishal, Haarlem / NL (group)
PARABOOL, Buitenplaats Beeckestijn, Velsen Zuid / NL (group)
True Blue, Studio Onvervalst, Gallery by Toko, Sidney / Australia (group)
KUNST = EEN VEELKOPPIGE DRAAK, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen / NL (group)
Multiple, Studio Onvervalst, Castellum Aqua, Bloemendaal / NL (group)
Kunstcentrum Haarlem / NL (group)
Neusje van de zalm, Vishal Haalem / NL (group)
MIXED 6, BLEND-projects, Hoofdkantoor Haarlem / NL (group)
Artfair Kunstrai Amsterdam, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam / NL
17 visies op geometrische kunst, Galerie T, Middelburg / NL (group)
Kleinformat, Grosse Kunst auf kleinster Flache, Galerie M. Haas, Ingolstadt  / D (group)
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Franzis Engels Amsterdam, Karlsruhe / D
Shape and colour, with Edgar Knoop, zs art galerie, Vienna / A (solo)
LUW jubilee exhibition at artist platform 37 PK, Haarlem / NL (group)
pArtners Galerie, Rotterdam / NL (group)
Abstract Wallpaintings II, Artist Platform ACEC , Apeldoorn / NL (group)
Artfair Keulen, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam / NL
Artfair, Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Franzis Engels, Karlsruhe / D
Artfair Kunstrai Amsterdam, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam / NL
RUIM BAAN, 37PK Haarlem / NL (group)
De vrouwelijke Blik, KCB Bergen / NL (group)
‘Werken uit de verzameling van Ferdi Koelaga’, IK- eiland, Zeeland / NL (group)
‘Contrasts’ Buitenplaats Beeckestijn, Velsen / NL (group)
Reductiv Nl, travelling exhibition, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (group)
Artfair Art Breda, Galerie Franzis Engels, Breda / NL
Artfair Rotterdam Art Contemporary, Galerie Franzis Engels / NL
Artfair Rotterdam Contemporary, Galery Franzis Engels, Art Fair, Rotterdam
Solo wall painting S.I.O. #2, Kleine Zaal Vishal, Haarlem / NL (Solo)
‘Razzle Dazzle’ wall painting S.I.O. #1, Electron, Breda / NL (group)
Reductiv Nl, travelling exhibition, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (group)
KLAAR!, Vishal and St.Bavochurch, Haarlem / NL (group)
Galery De Kapberg, Egmond aan den Hoef / NL (group)
Month of Architecture, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen / N (group)
‘Visafslag II’ auction, Vishal, Haarlem / NL (group)
‘Ruimtelijke Ordening’ Provinciehuis, Haarlem / NL (group)
‘Formes’ Artemis Art Hotel, Amsterdam / NL (group)
ART Rotterdam, We Like Art, Art Fair Rotterdam / NL
RAW Artfair, Galery Franzis Engels, Art Fair Rotterdam / NL
jubilee exhibition Galery Franzis Engels, Amsterdam / NL (group)
‘White Lines on Black Hexagons’ Boterhal, Hoorn / NL (Solo)
‘sequences, series and infinite limits’ ACEC, Apeldoorn / NL (group)
‘Post Concret II’Paris Concret, Paris / F (group)
‘Among Members’ Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen / N (group)
‘Dutch Treat’ ,DADA POST, Berlin / D (group)
‘Visafslag I’ auction, Vishal Haarlem / NL (group)
Groupshow Galery Franzis Engels, Amsterdam / NL (group)
Art2013, Galery Franzis Engels, Kunstbeurs Jaarbeurs Utrecht
RAW Artfair, Galery Franzis Engels, Art Fair Rotterdam
Mixed II, Hoofdkantoor, Haarlem / NL (group)
Maskerade, museum de Hallen, Haarlem / NL (group)
Oog van de Storm II, Vishal Haarlem / NL (group)
Genesis van de vorm St.Yellow Fellow Leidschendam / NL (group)
Mixed I, Hoofdkantoor, Haarlem (group)
Zwart e/o Wit Rob de Vries Galerie, Haarlem (group)
Diverse Kunstenaars, Gemeente Haarlem (group)
"Post Concret", Paris Concret, Paris / F (group)
Zomer, Projekt 72, Alkmaar / NL (group)
De Wand De Ruimte, Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort / NL (group)
In Abstracto, Artipoli Art Gallery, Noorden / NL (group)
Winter, KCB Bergen, Bergen /N (group)
Structurele Zaken, Gemeente Haarlem / NL (group)
Dutch Connection, Hebel_121, Basel / CH (group)
Quantumvis 5,deel 2, de Servicegarage, Amsterdam / NL (group)
Quantumvis 5 deel 1, RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden / NL
De Salon, KCB Bergen, Bergen aan Zee / NL (group)
Ledententoonstelling, Vishal Haarlem / NL (group)
Aan het licht gericht, Vishal Haarlem / NL (group)
de Achterkant van Bergen, KCB Bergen/ N  (group)
Under the Surface, RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden / NL (group)
Tape This , Galerie Arte Libro, Schellebelle / B (group)
Terstal Interieurs, with Rene van den Bos, Haarlem / NL (solo)
Om de zoveel tijd een gedegen wonder, KCB Bergen, Bergen / N (group)
Kleine Zaal gaat groot II, Vishal, Haarlem / NL (group)
Panorama, KCB Bergen, Bergen / N (group)
Quantumvis II, RcdeRuimte, Ijmuiden ’90 / NL (group)
Wandschildering ‘Zwart V’, Kleine Zaal Vishal Haarlem / NL (Solo)

Gevelontwerp Leonard Spieringlaan, Haarlem i.s.m. Klous & Brantjes Architekten
ontwerp privacyfolie De Greiner, Haarlem
gevelontwerp Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam
Mulder.Sengers Don Boscoschool, Haarlem
kunstopdracht Nieuwe Bergense School, Bergeni.s.m. ZEEP Architecten, Amersfoort
schetsopdracht recreatiegebied Saplaza, Created in NH
speelplek Weeshuis, Nepal (i.s.m. Laurien en Jip Mulder )
muurschildering, Scholen met Succes, Haarlem
ontwerp schoolplein Bos en Vaartschool, Haarlem
speelplek Kopstraat, Haarlem
Mulder.Sengers tegelwand obs De Sterrenkijker, Haarlem
speelplek Klarenbeekstraat, Haarlem

The work of Tonneke Sengers is strongly related to architecture.
From the beginning.

She studied monumental design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where, entirely in the tradition of the Arnhem School, the connection between art and architecture, was the main theme. 
Sengers works with minimal means: lines, screens and squares with which optimum three-dimensional effects are created. This abstract geometrical language can be applied on every scale without losing power. 
The design of the wall sculptures "Up the Wall" is first drawn on the computer and then carved in aluminum on the maximum size for the laser cutter. The squares are deepened and like boxes or chests placed against the wall. In these frames space is caught, a part of the wall is inserted in the piece of art that forms both a frame and a blank. The open-worked aluminum is giving an important role to the wall behind and the space between them. Composition and color are accurately defined to bring forward the intended dialogue between illusion and reality.  Shadow has full scope in the defined area like in a resonance-box. The counter-shape becomes an interval in which the effects of Sengers interventions resonate. They form, indirectly, a new and often surprising reality. 
It looks like Sengers' work is coming to you in two ways. You have the idea of being able to decipher something and at the same time you can disappear without effort in the space the work displays to you.