Wilhelm Drach
Judith P. Fischer
Andrea Pernegr
Robert Staudinger
Emil Toman

exhibition: 31/01/24 - 29/03/2024

The academic depiction of the nude is the basis for interpretations and interventions:
- Painting abstractly expressive,
- photography object-like folded and surgically sewn,
- body sections surreally interwoven,
- silhouettes symbolically reduced,
- fragile drawings written down like glyphs and painterly
- a detail monumentally moulded as a sculpture.

Wilhelm Drach's abstractly expressive symphonies of painting are based on the human nude, but the intuitive creative process undergoes an independent development.
The sculptor Judith P. Fischer meticulously draws surreal body zones that merge into one another. Or she isolates a part of the body and zooms it into the room as an object.
Andrea Pernegr draws and paints completely freely, detached from any models or templates, nude accents symbolically abstracted on paper.
Robert Staudinger paints nude poses on tracing paper with his camera, folding them and sewing them partially into objects with surgical skill.
The former teacher Emil Toman drew his nudes in silhouette style on newsprint. Figure symbols with the character of glyphs and a lascivious aura.