Small Works


Walter Angerer-Niketa
Marie-France Goerens
Roland Goeschl
Mathias Hornung
Viktor Hulìk
Alex Klein
Thomas Koch
Karl Kriebel
Ray Malone
Irene Wölfl
Guido Zehetbauer-Salzer

Exhibition: 22/1 bis 11/3/2020
to the exhibition: Judith P. Fischer, artist/curator

zs art is presenting grand works in small formats.
For a few of the artists invited to contribute, this presented a new challenge; for others, it was already favoured territory. And for some, it provides a repeatedly necessary testing ground for finding a new way to approach their work or exploring their own limits. Their small-format works are ideas on the way to large formats: ideas whose magnitude is already manifest in this small form, just more spontaneous, direct and concentrated.
Some of the artists prefer to work in small formats. In the space of just a few square centimetres, their universes unfold into precious gems with a mastery in no way inferior to that of a larger format. For them, the format is already a message in itself: maximum artistic aspiration within the miniature. In these works, they concentrate narratives, statements and positions into excerpts from the grand whole.

short biographies of the artist