Jesse Willems


1984 born in Antwerp / B
Studied in Antwerpen 
Lives and works in Antwerp / B


Marc Meulemans Award

Works in pbulic an private collections  (Selection)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium
Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke / B
some private collections in Belgium, London, Athen, Singapur, Luxembourg, Paris, New York, Chicago, Austria
Solo and group exhibtions  (Selection)
Dialogues I – 15 years zs art galerie; Vienna / A
Selfies; Schönfeld gallery, Brussels / B
Reset, group exhibition, Zeit gallery, Antwerpen / B
Silence, Pregnant with Promise; group exhibition, Schönfeld gallery, Brussels / B
art KARLSRUHE, zs art galerie / D
Interpretation of space; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Luxembourg Artweek / The Fair (Schönfeld Gallery / B), Luxembourg / LUX
Kairos (mit Jan Yoors); Schönfeld Gallery, Brussels / B
Art on Paper (Schönfeld Gallery), Brussels 
Collage; group exhibition, zs art galerie, Vienna
Sketch for a summer, artist in residence; Schönfeld Projects, Antwerp / B
LIDO; solo exhibition, ZEIT Gallery, Antwerp / B
Luxembourg Artweek / The Fair (Schönfeld Gallery / B), Luxembourg / LUX
Ordnung : Unordnung; group exhibition; zs art gallery, Vienna
7 x 70 / That was then, this is now; Zeit Gallery, Antwerp / B
Renaissance II; Schönfeld Projects, Antwerp
Renaissance I; Schönfeld Gallery, Brussels / B
‘Collage’, Museum Dr Guislain, Gent / B
Paper Stories; Schönfeld Gallery, Brussels 
Barak Friture: Belgian Embassy, Kinshasa, Kongo
MAS – Antwerp à la carte, Antwerp
‘Belgian Contemporary collage’; Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke / B
Eden; Artelli Gallery, Antwerp
Paper Positions Munich (Schönfeld Gallery), Munich / D
Luxembourg Art Week (Schönfeld Gallery), Luxembourg / LUX
Barak Friture; Belgian Embassy, Kinshasa, Kongo
Antwerp à la carte; MAS-Museum Antwerp
Fallen Idols – Native; Solo show, Brussels
Chresis ton Phantasion – BAD; Solo show, Gent 
Barak Friture; Belgian Embassy, Kinshasa, Kongo
Antwerp à la carte; MAS-Museum Antwerp
The future – and other jet age inventions; Solo show; Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Knokke / B

In his work, Jesse Willems explores both the boundaries and the interfaces between figurative and abstract pictorial conception.

Within his geometric corset, Jesse Willems impresses with a diversity of forms. The abstract pictorial compositions unfold in the two-dimensional, in a mystery of familiar sensuality and new timelessness. The interplay of pure geometry with old materials narrates the time-honored familiarity of a bygone era in a no-frills, matter-of-fact contemporary outfit. Jesse Willems combines the formal language of constructivism with intuitive richness and virtuosity. For instance, he repeatedly interlaces the austerity of the elements with breaks and shifts that then reveal something of the layer beneath. The collages of circular, rectangular, and triangular segments develop on Jesse Willems' picture surfaces into veritable fireworks of colourfully nuanced voyages of discovery.

Silvie Aigner, chief editor PARNASS to the work of Jesse Willems:
"His work initially appears formal, concrete, as an interplay of free forms. However, his work is closely linked to the street art and music scene. Thus, for the collage he made for the hip-hop artist Coely, he not only received the Marc Meulemans Award (Best Artwork), but also a nomination for Best Artwork at the Music Industry Awards (MIA's). His tool is scissors, which he uses to cut fragments out of old newspapers, magazines and textbooks. The spectrum of techniques within his artistic practice is wide and includes collage as well as photography."